‘Tefnut’s Sun’ and ‘Orphan Days’ in Leo – Published by Dead Set Press
‘Loyalty to a Fault’ in Cancer – Published by Dead Set Press
‘The World Left Behind’ in Rogues Gallery – Published by CAT Press
‘Shadow Lane’ in Scary Snippets Sibling Edition – Published by Nocturnal Sirens Publishing
‘Loving Hot Chocolate’ in Love Is Like a Box of Chocolates – Published by Camden Park Press
‘Picked her up Again’ in Pride: The Worst Sin of All (Seven Deadly Sins Book 1) – Published by Black Hare Press

DRABBLES –  100 word stories:
‘The Perfect Neighbourhood’, ‘The Sound of Dirt and Freedon’ in Love – Published by Black Hare Press


‘A Witch Should Know’ in Mother Ghost’s Grimm Vol 1 – Published by NBH Publishing
‘Bloody Red Tinsel’ in Eerie Christmas  – Published by Black Hare Press

‘Keep Moving’,‘ I’ll Eat my Burger’, ‘Can’t be Zombies’ in Apocalypse – Published by Black Hare Press
‘You’re Home Now’, ‘Her Smell for Magic’, ‘Scared Enough’, ‘Why so Exhausted’, ‘The Apprentice’ in Sideshow Alley – Published by Little Quail Press
‘Shining Lights Below’ in Unravel – Published by Black Hare Press
‘When the Pain is Gone’, ‘Birthing Poltergeists’ in Beyond – Published by Black Hare Press
‘They Never Look up’, ‘Leave None Alone’ in Monsters– Published by Black Hare Press