Rocking the look

The Author in Question

Name: Neen Cohen

From: Brisvegas (Brisbane, QLD Australia)

Writes: Sapphic Speculative Fiction

Favourite place to write: Graveyards (Toowong is my go to), botanical gardens, and construction sites in the middle of the night.

Random bits and pieces:

I am from a pretty big family, grew up in a small country town, and was dragged up Mormon … so when I announced I was a Capital L Lesbian (not sure what a little L lesbian is but apparently this was what I announced, who knew) it didn’t particularly go down very well.

I have been called brave on many occasions. I’m usually too busy watching how the trees move in the wind or finding the perfect word to describe the way the light lands to realise any of my actions are brave.

I rarely know what’s going on at the time.

If I could explore only one place in the world it would be the bone church in Sedlec.

I’m quiet until I know you, then you can’t shut me up.

I love music and singing … I have no skills in either. Country music and rock chicks are my jam.

I love being part of the LGBTQI+ community

I write the stories that I could never find when I was growing up. I hope other’s enjoy them and get something positive from them.

Be Safe
Be Kind
Be Brave