Children of the Gods


Cold As Hell

The town of OpenFields is cold as hell… Magic exists in OpenFields, and everyone but Adie plays their part. So what happens when murder and strangers visit the secret town? Adie’s normal isn’t “normal.” Cameras watch her sleep, the eyes of the townsfolk narrow at her sight, and when she discovers her bosses’ office in disarray, and a stranger who makes her heart thunder, her world changes forever. Author Neen Cohen’s Cold as Hell is an Urban Dark Fantasy like no other. What secrets does OpenFields hold? Adie’s journey will rock the town to its foundation.


Black As Day

When Adie and Tal leave OpenFields in the rear view they both have to come to terms with their own losses. The lives they once knew are now behind them, and together they struggle to make a new path. Once on the road, things aren’t as easy as they had hoped, a car crash, a betrayal and a past they can’t seem to shake. Can they find a way to move forward when the world once more rests on their shoulders?

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