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Dark Moments

The title sounds far more depressing then the reality.

Dark Moments is the online Publication for Black Hare Press. And my latest drabble has been put up. It’s a free online Publication so there’s no reason to hesitate in going and checking it out 

My latest Dark Moments Drabble is called Bloody Mary – The theme is Dark Fae. I enjoyed writing this one quite a lot.

Read Blood Mary for free

Be Safe
Be Kind
Be Brave


Name: Neen Cohen From: Brisvegas (Brisbane, QLD Australia) Writes: Sapphic speculative fiction (dark fantasy and horror) This blog is a way for me to journey my adventures in writing and reading, and other random things that catch my thoughts and twirl in the mind. As a fiction writer I tell the stories that I could never find when I was growing up, and I write them because my characters need their stories told. If you enjoy them, or any of my posts, let me know. Be Safe Be Kind Be Brave

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