January Wrap Up

I read a lot to start the year off with a bang. If you’d prefer to see me babble like a fool, you can always see my January Wrap up on the Hyperactive Bookworm.

For now, on with the show:

The Headmistress by Milena McKay – Recommended for mystery fans, sapphic readers, and those whole love to be shocked and surprised in the best kind of ways.
I started this book on my ereader and by chapter 10 had ordered the paperback.
I’m going to have so much fun rereading and transcribing all of my notes on to the pages.
Once I started The Headmistress, I couldn’t stop. I loved the mystery and the storyline. I adore sapphic fiction that satiates the romantic but also brings layer of life, real conflict, and emotions to play. The headmistress does all of this and more.
The characters are brilliant and I demand for Lily and Willoughby to both get their own stories. I also found Sam truly wonderful. A dynamic contradiction of humanity. When I read Ice Queen stories I always end up falling head over heels, and don’t get me wrong Magdalene was divine. But oh my, Sam won me over completely.
Video Review.

How Poetry Can Change Your Heart by Megan Falley – This book was a gift. And in one sitting I devoured it front to back. It hits on the reasons and ways I have always had a love hate relationship to poetry.
An easy read that made me smile and feel seem. Layman’s terms without feeling condescended. If you are curious about poetry, love it hate it or ambivalent I recommend this book.

Glimpses of a Fractured Soul by Mercedes Lewis – A little intense and a little funny My first foray back into poetry. The first section made me laugh and nod. I loved it. The poems then went a lot deeper and darker and it took a little to adjust, but I enjoyed several of the poems. I felt confronted by a few on religion and faith, but not all faith is used against others, and one persons faith does not automatically mean I will be attacked for my difference. It’s a good lesson to learn and it’s meant I was able to enjoy the book and the authors words.

Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett – Re-Read – There is nothing quite like the melting of an Ice Queen to make me smile. I really enjoyed the depths and dynamics of the two main characters. Some heartbreaking moments mixed up with some laugh out loud parts. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes a bit at the intense coincidences of characters meetings. The writing was delicious and I’m always a fan of pop culture references in contemporary fiction. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely look at reading more of Chris Zett’s work.

Thorn by Anna Burke – I often say narrators can make a good story magnificent but a narrator you don’t gel with can also do disservice to a great book.
I think I’m going to do an eyeball read on this one, because despite having to speed up the narration to make it bearable for myself I was still able to see the beauty in this lovely fractured fairytale.
Some wonderful wording and interpretations.
4 stars for the story
3 stars for the narration

I am her Tribe by Danielle Doby – Wonderful empowering words. I love the diving in and embracing of our own inner darkness.

Chemistry Lessons by Jae – Friends to lovers slow burn romance at its finest. And so much more.
The characters are so real and their lives so wonderfully detailed and relatable.
The pain, fear, and confusion touched me on a personal level.
Several times I laughed out loud, one while trying to have a drink and read. I also finished this book while half heartedly cooking for a grumpy five year old but there was no way I could put this book down, literally.
My favourite line of the book: consent was sexy.
Video Review

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur – This collection of poetry is raw and real, and probably should come with some trigger warnings.
The sections are very clear in what the poems are going to be about. Though not all the poems spoke to me, I may not be their audience, others I found beauty in the rawness. I found the art work beautiful and at times just as confronting as the words.

A Pirate’s Heart by Catherine Friend – I went into this book not knowing anything about it and I have to say, I’m so glad I didn’t know.
The story is two timelines, pirates, lost treasure, a feisty librarian, a crazy excitable puppy and lots of fun quirkiness.
The author also does the narration and she has done a brilliant job. Could I have done without the music moments in the audio, ah yeah, but it definitely wasn’t enough to ruin the fun and adventures on the high seas.
A great book and I’m looking forward to reading more of Catherine Friend’s work.
Video Review

Who’d Have Thought by G Benson – I never thought I was all that keen on fake romance stories. This has changed that completely for me. I love so much about this book. From the one POV, the humour, and the delicious chemistry to a story with family and intrigue and characters you want to adopt. There’s also a grumpy feline, which I’m quickly learning I’m a total sucker for.

She Just Wants to Forget by r.h Sin – There are beautiful words and empowering ideas. I got a little unsettled by the big changes from a two line poem to a three page one. For me it effected the rhythm of my reading. I did enjoy several of the poems, though I continue to search for the poems that speak directly to me.

Perfect Rhythm by Jae – Perfect for those who love slow burn romances, low angst, ace representation, and beautiful soul rending moments that make you feel alive and wonderful.
Jae’s writing is amazing and perfect rhythm is no exception.
The exploration and representation is beautiful and done with such an open minded and wonderful lens that I am a better more knowledgeable person for having read it.

The Number 94 Project by Cheyenne Blue – This book was so delicious in every way. From the slow burn (or at least slow release), the beautiful community atmosphere, the best side characters, I’m looking at you Coral, and the low angst cuteness. There were moments of pure laugh out loud dialogue, internal and spoken, mostly by coral and the last three chapters had me non stop smiling … my new favourite from Cheyenne Blue. Video Review

I also Beta Read the most amazing love story, The Forever and The Now by K J I am so excited about this book coming out on the 18th of February. It can now be pre-ordered here. I will post up a more detailed review, with my thoughts and feelings about this amazing book in a few weeks.

Be Safe
Be Brave
Be Kind


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