Technoreject and other blunders

So it turns out while trying to update my website and blog I inadvertently sent some frustrated blogs out. Do I feel bad, yeah a little bit, is it something I can change, nah, is part of me also giggling at my ineptitude, absolutely, is it also a bit of a taste of my personality, you betcha 🤦‍♀️

As for other blunders. I recently discovered when sending off my manuscript to my publisher I did not actually send through the latest version … instead I sent through a version that had a chapter that read [insert important scene here] … yeah it’s been a special kinda feeling.

So, after my sweary blogs, I did manage to change a few things, and make my site a little prettier but of course I feel like one of those memes of what you think it will look like and what it actually looks like would probably fit here.

Thanks for sticking around. And who knows what other facepalm moments I’ll get into in the near future.


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