Book Review – Without a Front: The Warrior’s Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey

Book three of the Chronicles of Alsea Series. This is a Sapphic Sci-Fi book with romance, action, and political intrigue with themes of family, loyalty, and trust woven through incredible description, dynamic characters and a brilliantly written adventure that will keep you guessing.

I adore Fletcher’s writing and her inclusivity and range of characters that I love and adore.

Did I miss Ekatya and Lynne, yes. Did I fist pump the air when they had some cameos, absolutely, have I also fallen in love with not just the main characters but also many of the minor characters of this book, by Fahla I certainly have.

I love the way this book turns tropes and characters on their head showing so effortlessly through an Alien race the beauty and dynamics of humanity. I really enjoyed the fight scenes and the sex scenes in this book. They kept me reading until stupid o’clock at night because I couldn’t stop, being pulled along by the emotions and progression of the story.

For a visual rant about my feelings you can click here to find my review on the Hyperactive Bookworm

Be Safe
Be Brave
Be Kind

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