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I made the list

I love books. I read pretty intensely and I LOVE to review and talk about them. I know, it’s shocking news and I probably should have lead with a warning or something.

But my love of stories and words plays a huge part of why I started writing.

Yep, I’m a writer and I’ve been writing since I can remember. Since before my formal school days I can remember walking around with a little notebook and pencil everywhere I went. I would write out every line of dialogue from my favourite movies. Watching and rewatching them. I would look forward to Wednesday afternoons every single week, when all six of us would bundle up in the car and be taken to the library for several hours before we headed back home.

All these years later, all these years writing in the dark silent solitude and never once being able to call myself a writer. When I published my very first piece of work, I called myself a writer … with a bit BUT on the end. There was always some kind of justification . Until this year.

I published my first Novella. It has my name, and only my name on the front cover. I was finally a writer. See, full stop. Huge progress.

This has not meant that I’ve been any good at promoting/pimping my own writing status or book. This has not meant for a moment that the impostor syndrome has shut the hell up. This has not meant that I have stopped writing, or learning, or growing.

But something very cool happened this week.

I made the list.

Jae is a phenomenal author, marketing, human being, and supporter of others both in and out of our rainbow family. For her reading challenge this year one of the categories is a new to you author. She has made a list of new and up coming authors to look out for. AND. I. AM. ON. THIS. LIST.

It’s certainly put a huge smile on my face and made me even more determined to keep writing, to keep telling the stories I wish had been around when I truly needed them.

So, I am a writer, I made Jae’s up and coming list, and if you want to read my debut novella, you can do that right here … it’s even on KU at the moment.

Be Safe
Be Brave
Be Kind



Name: Neen Cohen From: Brisvegas (Brisbane, QLD Australia) Writes: Sapphic speculative fiction (dark fantasy and horror) This blog is a way for me to journey my adventures in writing and reading, and other random things that catch my thoughts and twirl in the mind. As a fiction writer I tell the stories that I could never find when I was growing up, and I write them because my characters need their stories told. If you enjoy them, or any of my posts, let me know. Be Safe Be Kind Be Brave

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