Don’t Ignore Pain

I hesitated writing this post. Not because I think there is a lack of importance to it, but because I’m not used to sharing things I am going through at the time. Later on, I’m all about the overshare.

But there are two reasons I’ve decided to be brave and get it out there.
The first: It might help others feel seen. Those who push aside growing pain, who might have been told to suck it up or stop acting like a princess at some point in their lives. Your pain is valid and it’s ok to seek professional help about it. If the first doctor shrugs it off, if you can, find another.
The Second: The love and support I have received in the 24 hours I have indicated that my health has taken a bad turn has been tear inducingly sweet, and this way I can direct anyone who would like to know what’s going on to here.

I have shared, many times, my experiences of Endometriosis while growing up. What I haven’t shared to any great extent is the amount of increased pain and issues I’ve had over the last year or so.

Well, it’s all come to a head now.

Two weeks ago I had blood tests that came back with tumour markers.

I then spent an entire day having scans and tests, being poked and prodded (OUCH, three days later and still higher OUCHNESS continues). The results came back that night. A quick call from my doctor to tell me we needed to discuss them and organise next steps and referral for surgery. Despite her amazing cool, and insistence that I do not need to panic … panic I did.

The next day I spent almost 2 hours with my amazing doc going through the grey mass that has taken over my right ovary and may potentially be ovarian cancer, but there is hope that it is endometriosis gone crazy and grown from outside of the ovaries to inside. The mass is unusual and there is no playing around with it, so off we go to surgery.

A referral for a complete hysterectomy and removal of ovaries has been sent to the hospital.

Waiting sucks, truly sucks. But, had I not mentioned the growing uncomfortableness, the increased daily pain I have been experiencing who knows what would have happened in 6 months or a year.

If it is cancer, it’s very early stages and the prognosis is very good.

I beg you, if you have pain that can’t be explained, if you have pain that seems to be increasing or just doesn’t feel right, please please please do not ignore it. Early prognosis saves lives.

Be Safe
Be Brave
Be Kind

Neen x


One response to “Don’t Ignore Pain”

  1. Love you Neen.
    I had a similar situation. Had increasingly long and painful periods. One day, was going for a PR in deadlift and felt a ‘pop’ in my abdomen and started bleeding profusely. The doc found a fibroid the size of a grapefruit. Got it taken care of and now I’m much better. You are SO right. Listen to your body. Don’t live with the discomfort.

    Love you Neen.
    Speedy and safe recovery!


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