Bravery in the small things

Today I was Brave.

A disturbingly close approximation to my look on video today.

Today I spoke up, and said why yes I am an author. I even joined in, video and audio, *insert shocked horror face here* to an author chat and said hello. Did I feel like an entire pretender (Ooh ooh yes I’m the great pretender ooh ooh) Of course. Was I nervous and unprepared, oh hell yes. Did that make it easier, actually yeah it really did. My bravery (I’m still uncertain it’s actually the correct word, but we’ll work on that one) is an in the moment thing. Don’t give me enough time to worry about how much of an idiot I will most likely make of myself (thanks anxiety), that’s for ruminating on later. But, I did it.

And the bravery didn’t stop there. *shocked face once more*

Today I met up with an amazing reader, and even signed the books she bought with my fountain pen, with a confidence and a flourish that was all faked. But I admit, it did feel good. Did I take the ‘author in the wild’ photo I was planning/hoping to? Of course not. It’s easier for me to remember to take photo’s when I’m not the subject matter.

BUT … I was still brave today. And while I’m now socially drained, it was a good day.

Celebrating the small things is something I always preach. When those around me achieve any measure of success in any area of their lives I am the first to throw those pom pom’s in the air. For myself, I’m less enthusiastic and I’m working on that, reminding myself I deserve the same excitement as others.

So, as a reminder to you all, if you aren’t celebrating your own achievements, no matter how big or small, now is the time 😀

Be Safe
Be Brave
Be Kind

Neen x

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