I did a thing … and it was technological :-O

Last night I did a thing. Often I have ideas and then quickly talk myself out of them, especially if it’s a thing that I shy away from … especially praising myself in any way. *Gotta love that shitty self-esteem stuff* … BUT as my 40th birthday approaches and the last few years have seen many major things (both good and heartbreaking) happening in my life, I’ve really started to understand how short and special life itself is.

And, sometimes I even catch myself thinking how proud I am of how far I’ve come and wow, I might actually be good at something.

So the thing I did was set up a buymeacoffee page to help fund the time, equipment and books I review and fangirl about over on my YouTube channel Hyperactive Bookworm.

I did the technological thing, all by myself … *pats back enthusiastically* .. but then didn’t know how to test if it was all working.

A wonderful friend helped me test it. I agreed she was free to share the link if she wanted. I didn’t expect the huge words of praise for myself but it has certainly made my day … and made me brave enough to share it here.

If you are interested in helping me, I’d appreciate it, but there is no pressure. I love what I do and will endeavour to keep doing it 😃


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