I’ve Got a Dream

I’ve got a dream, I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam!!!

If you’re a mum, around kids, or just love animated kids movies (no judgement, I’ve owned most of our collection before becoming a mum) you might know my random introduction is from the Disney movie, Tangled.

We’ve watched it quite a bit lately, and by we I mean I put it on and kiddo rolls his eyes and says ‘fine’ but then finds a saucepan and acts out the moves. (honestly, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should check it out.)

Anyway, the point, it is coming up. Oh yes.

Today kiddo asked me if I had a dream.

In the past this kind of question would result in me umming and ahhhing, a whole bunch of blinking and if it’s a good day some incoherent words that sounded very high brow (read-wanky) but in essence mean little.

But I didn’t even hesitate. I know my dream. To one day be a full time writer. To not need another job to supplement the income.

It felt good. And it felt better knowing it is a realistic goal that I am slowly but surely working on.

I wanted to share how this made me feel. How this reminded me to focus on the bigger picture. And even though the amazon thing that’s been happening with my next book baby (oh long story, which is not fun to retell), I’m not here for just one or two books. I have so many more stories to tell, and so much more to learn and grow into. I’m here for the long game, and I’m in the actual game, not sitting on the sidelines waiting to be subbed in. (wow, is that a sport reference? Wonder where I picked that up from … must have been a movie).

So, I have a dream and I’m not scared to tell the whole world about it.

If you have a dream, and you are hiding it, that’s ok. But I hope one day you are in a position where you are supported and loved enough (by yourself if not by others) to shout out and reach for that dream.

In the meantime:

Be Safe
Be Brave
Be Kind


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